Minecraft Ps3 (Playstation 3) Edition Tutorial – HOW TO FIND DIAMONDS FAST AND EASY! Support the video with likes and comments :D EntoanThePack Social Media …

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  1. juan florida

    good vid. bro!

  2. AssasinPlayer MC

    K thanks

  3. shultman37

    But a good video. I love this stuff.

  4. shultman37

    Actually mate you should look up a video on mining and the efficiency of
    mining a three wide section. If you leave 3 blocks in between you save more
    time and rarely miss any resource.

  5. AssasinPlayer MC

    Whats his username on ps3

  6. Jason Chacon

    Thanks dude ur awesome !!!!!!

  7. Deyson Gomez

    Thanks bro

  8. SuperGodman69

    Hello EntoanThePack if you could please message be back or send me an email
    that would be great im trying to find people to add to my friends list to
    play minecraft if you would like please send your your screen name and ill
    add you or you can add me at y-do-u-suk would be great to see you add me
    thanks man

  9. Carsen Trujillo

    I was digging down and right when I got to 9 I found dimonds

  10. CoDTr0LL$Mw2

    My little brother finds diamonds in a minute !!

  11. Jose Cardenas

    Got yourself another subscriber

  12. San Mohammed


  13. grandtheftauto219

    You myfriend got a like and a subscriber

  14. Daus van der Dzeko

    awesome! thanks for the tip.

  15. Adrian Imialek

    first view

  16. alexander noyola

    Can I get ur psn id

  17. XxLazyWafflexX


  18. Coler Coded

    do a how to find gold

  19. Liam Gamer Bielak

    thats really cool thanks!

  20. Maciek Bagiński

    Epic more more

  21. Diogo Custódio

    minecraft ps3 edition PSN : iCloser

  22. Christian Woods

    I might be getting the game tomorrow or Wednesday. So happy and exited can
    you add me at WOODSKIDZ

  23. Frazer Morgan

    What seed is this on

  24. Jose Campos

    Add me on PSN to play ZexyRagee Im a girl btw using my bros youtube acc cuz
    i dont have a youtube acc

  25. Rainy Wilson

    hi big fan can you add my psn is Trippickx

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