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  1. I here to stay asshole

    Can’t download it can inbox me the files :/

  2. MinecraftPremiumAccount

    You must to download again. The file is corrupt

  3. Brian Belwin

    Its still there please fix !!

  4. Resertt

    c user desktop is not a valid win32 application , help

  5. John Doe

    unbelievable!! thanks man

  6. MinecraftPremiumAccount

    Sorry, we had a DDOS attack against our hosting. Now everything it’s ok!

  7. Psycopaths

    when i typed in the exact URL and went into the site but it said to me no
    criteria matches your search !?!?!

  8. robert carls

    thank u! I’m an addicted too! minecraft best game ever!

  9. Philippa Sammut

    thank u so much! I make 3 different accounts with your hack

  10. RianClifford

    THX! Man you rock! Help me a lot with my new Minecraft Premium account

  11. Bot Mafia Willyrex ESP Money Dollars

    :O hahahahahahaha!!!!! free minecraft premium accounts! well done!

  12. trololotumadre

    love you! greetings from france, salutations du France!!

  13. MinecraftDannyBk

    WTF! I can’t believe this. I never thought how easy is to hack a Minecraft
    premium account

  14. MinecraftPremiumAccount

    i don’t know really but risk = 0 :)

  15. John Harris

    nice! I’ve finally gotten a free account

  16. LowGmaN666

    hi man, i got my premium account bus do you know how will this last?

  17. MinecraftPremiumAccount

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